There are many great things about tanning. It has been proven that we need regular exposure to sunlight so that we can make vitamin D.

We undertake the following as a commitment to our clients:

  • Equipment is maintained and re-tubed well in advance of the manufacturers recommendations.
  • Equipment, tubes and lotions are continuously being tested; this enables us only to stock and use the best within the industry.
  • Hygiene – all our beds are regularly checked to make sure they comply with strict hygiene standards which are to be maintained at all times.
  • Open evenings, providing accessible appointment times.
  • Friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
  • We ensure your course of UV tanning is regulated with technology, so over-exposure does not occur.

Tips for Tanning

The best way to create and maintain a tan is by encouraging the melanocytes to produce more melanin and then drawing it to the top layers of skin and retaining and oxidising it there. This is done by exposing the skin via a series of tanning sessions which do not burn the skin. Burning is actually counterproductive and harmful.

Tanning Cream is Good for You

After years of investigation in the effects of tanning on the skin, leading dermatologists recommend to apply a tanning cream before using a sunbed. Good skin care is essential for maximum tanning results and a faster, safer tan. If a lotion is not applied, your skin will be dry and will actually reflect the tanning rays. In theory you will not receive the maximum tanning during the paid time. For example, During a 12 minute tanning session without a lotion it would equate to only 5 minutes with lotion. So by applying a good quality skin lotion you are: Caring for your skin, increase the life of your darker tan and getting the maximum value for your money! Ask the expert at the reception desk to learn about our range of lotions.